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Monday, March 5, 2012

Suzanne Bowen's Long & Lean Prenatal Workout DVD

I purchased this DVD when I was entering my second trimester with baby number two and I'm sooo glad I did.  I was in better shape at the end of my pregnancy than I was in the beginning!

Suzanne Bowen's Long & Lean Prenatal Workout by Ruah is a prenatal workout DVD that is meant to make you sweat.  It integrates cardio, strength, and flexibility to help you stay (or in my case get) fit during pregnancy.  It helps you burn calories, sculpts and tones the body, and lengthens the muscles, helping you to achieve a "long and lean" physique.  It offers three segments:  standing work, mat work, and stretching with some yoga-esque relaxation.  You can choose to workout along with whichever of the three segments you'd like or dive in and do all three (I recommend definitely doing the final stretching segment no matter what else you choose to do).  The DVD also includes a bonus 10 minute postnatal abs segment to help you tone back up after baby comes.

In My Opinion...
I really think that the Long & Lean Prenatal Workout is a great DVD that gives you a run for your money in the beginning but definitely pays off in the end.  When I first started using the video I had to do some modifications to "survive" that 50 minutes but after a few weeks I really felt great and could tell there was a huge difference in my strength, flexibility, and endurance.  I especially think that flexibility is helpful during pregnancy and I was able to do just about everything throughout this pregnancy that I could when not pregnant - a big change from my first; when I was pregnant with my son I followed no workout routine and I definitely did not feel as good as I did this time around.  I also gained more weight and it took me much longer to "bounce back" than it did with my daughter (baby number two).

I definitely recommend Suzanne Bowen's Long & Lean Prenatal Workout to anyone looking to stay (or get) in shape during pregnancy.  Of course, always check with your medical practitioner before embarking on this or any other workout regimen during your pregnancy.

If you're interested in checking out the DVD here's the link:  Suzanne Bowen's Long & Lean Prenatal Workout


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