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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Summer Infant's BabyTouch Color Video Monitor

In my search for a new digital video monitor this past year I purchased and returned quite a few models before deciding that Summer Infant's BabyTouch Color Video Monitor was the best on the market right now.  I have been extremely happy with it so far and have used it countless hours in the last 9 months.

The BabyTouch Color Video Monitor can be found online and at major baby product retailers such as Babies R Us and Target for around $240.  For this price you get the handheld monitoring device and one color video camera.  You can add up to 3 more additional cameras that you sync with the handheld monitor for approximately $90 each.  It is a digital system with great video clarity and clear sound compared to other comparable systems on the market.

Features of the System
The handheld monitoring device comes with a 3.5" color display and touchscreen controls.  You can pan the selected camera up, down, left, or right and also zoom in on your child.  You can also adjust the brightness of the screen and the volume of the audio.  You can also turn the video off if you'd just like to have the audio on.  If you have chosen to add additional cameras to your system you can use the touchscreen menu to scan between the monitors that you have synced or select a specific one to watch.  The scanning feature is awesome and was a selling point for me; it shows each of the rooms that you are monitoring for about 5 seconds (or just gives audio feedback if you've turned the picture off) and then moves on to the next room, rotating through and then starting with camera #1 again.  Another awesome feature is the intercom.  There is a button on top of the handheld device that allows you to talk through the camera in the room to your kids/whoever is in the room.  This has come in very handy with my 3 year old, especially last year when we transitioned him to his new room and "big boy" bed.

Why I Love It
As I mentioned before, I particularly like the fact that you can add up to 3 cameras to view a total of 4 rooms on the same handheld device with the BabyTouch camera.  I have 3 and have recently ordered another.  I also think that the audio is very clear compared to some other models that I tried.  The picture is very crisp for a digital camera.  The features of the monitoring system such as the ability to pan the camera around the room are great.  I did not have this luxury with my previous analog model and now I don't know how I would live without it with an active toddler/preschool aged child.  I also love the brand, I have had great luck with Summer Infant products and their customer service department has always been very helpful to me.

Why There's Still a Little Room for Improvement
While I think that the Summer Infant BabyTouch Color Video Monitor is the best on the market right now, there are still a few things that I think could be improved upon with the system.  The audio feedback is clear, but there is a bit of static when you have it turned up over halfway.  If you are using this at night and are a light sleeper this may be an annoyance to you.  I like to turn mine way up because I can be a heavy sleeper and I like to hear my kids' every whimper and I do have to contend with the static.  Another thing that surprised me is that although when the lights are on in the room you are viewing the picture is great, with nightvision on (which is primarily when you are using it) the picture is much grainier that that of an analog monitor.  I found this to be true of all of the digital monitors I tried and when I called Summer Infant's customer service department the representative was very helpful with all of my other questions but did inform me that the picture on a digital monitor "just is this way" as opposed to with an analog system.  Huh.  One last thing and I don't know if there's any way around it - if I'm in certain corners of my house with the monitor on and next to me it interferes with my wifi, so if I am trying to use my iPad it can't connect to the internet or is really slow...  Luckily this only happens in a couple of spots in my home.

In Conclusion...
I would definitely recommend the Summer Infant BabyTouch Color Video Monitor, I do think that it is the best digital video monitoring system on the market right now.


  1. After reading your review we finally got off the fence and ordered this model. Ours was delivered just yesterday and we are so far extremely impressed with it. Do you have more than one camera sync'd to the monitor? The manual inside did not give much info on the Scan feature. Wondering if I get another camera for other child's room if during the night it will scan every so often through each camera so I hear if someone is up or if I always have to scan manually. Thanks for all your good info!

    1. I'm glad you enjoyed the info and are impressed with the monitor so far! Yes, I do have more than one camera; I just synced my 4th this past week. The monitor scans between them (about 5-8 seconds per room) when you have it set up to scan all that are synced. It is great at night because I know that I can hear what is going on in each room (I only use 2 at night) several times/minute.

    2. Great! That is what I was hoping for! The monitor saved several trips up the stairs last night and today was the easiest nap we've had in a few months. I was able to nip his bad behavior quickly as soon as it began over the speaker rather than climbing the stairs numerous times. And each time I only had to speak to him once. I'm just hoping my son continues to heed my warnings! I'm going to use it for a week or so and if all goes well then order a camera for the new baby and possibly get two more for the basement. Keep the reviews coming!