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Saturday, January 14, 2012

The BabyBjorn Babysitter Balance

After having used quite a few different infant bouncy chairs, the BabyBjorn Babysitter is by far the best I've used and can be utilized far longer than any other bouncy chair out there. I love it!

An Awesome Chair for Baby
The Babysitter Balance is a chair meant to be used from the time your child is a newborn through toddlerhood.  It folds flat (4" high) and is very lightweight so it is easily transportable.  It has three different height settings - your baby can be laying practically flat or when she is older she can be close to vertical to see what everyone's doing around her. 
The seat is made to be ergonomical so that your infant is comfy, and you are able to get way more mileage out of the seat than you would an ordinary bouncy/infant seat due to this special design.  The chair has great bounce and my girl has had endless hours of fun in here.  You can find the Babysitter Balance in a variety of colors and in a "retro" pattern for anywhere between $130 and $180.  It is a little more than your Fisher Price or Boppy brand seat but is, in my opinion, well worth the extra $.  I also purchased the toy bar (which is sold seperately for about $40) so that she would have something to look at/play with while in the seat and I have attached different toys to this as well to make it a little more fun for her. 

Oh, and it's Washable!
A wonderful feature of the Babysitter is that the durable fabric comes right off the frame of the chair if you need to clean it and holds up wonderfully in the washing maching.  I have had to run mine through the washer countless times because my little pooper had a leaky diaper and it has held up wonderfully.  I just run it through on gentle cycle, air dry for a few hours and it is ready to go again!

In Conclusion
I would definitely recommend this chair for anyone with an infant, it has been a great investment for us and has held up so well that I plan on being able to use it for quite a while longer with my (now) 7 month old and babies to come!

If you'd like to check this product out, here is the link:

BabyBjorn BabySitter Balance


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