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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Bright Starts Bounce Bounce Baby

I purchased the Bright Starts Bounce Bounce Baby in addition to a larger jumper that I'd already had for my first baby because of it's size; it's a bit smaller than the large metal framed jumpers and the exersaucers on the market and, with it's triangular shape, it fits nicely in the corner when not in use.  I wanted something lightweight that I could easily move from room to room and bring out on the deck with me and that wouldn't take up too much space when not in use.

This bouncy activity center fits the bill and has definitely served it's purpose.  From the manufacterer:  "The award winning Bounce Bounce Baby is fully loaded with toys, lights, and melodies!
This compact activity zone has all of the features necessary to keep baby entertained! The bounce pad allows baby to bounce and dance, and the seat rotates 360 degrees for full access to toys. The piano lights up and plays 6 fun melodies, and the bead chaser, teether, mirror, and ratcheting toys provide endless fun for baby. This activity center also features a link loop for attaching baby's favorite toys."  It weighs only 11 pounds and can support a baby up to 25 pounds.  It is recommended for babies four months and older and there are three height settings so it grows with your baby.  I picked it up on Amazon for around $40 and have seen it at Target and Walmart for around the same amount.

I have been very happy with this purchase.  It has held up for months now and I use it every day several times a day.  My baby is very entertained with the toys and in particular the mini "piano."  I'd definitely recommend it to someone who is looking for a lightweight activity center that is fun for baby and affordable for mom and dad.

If you're interested in checking this product out, here is the link:
Bright Starts Bounce Bounce Baby


  1. how does it jump? i have a jumperoo for my son and he LOVES it!! also what is the weight limit on it>? i have a HUGE baby who is currently maxing out the weight limit on all his stuff at 5 months old.. :o(

  2. This activity center supports a baby up to 25 pounds. It allows your baby to bounce quite a bit just not quite as high as in a bouncer that has a seat supported by springs.

  3. I agree with you!! I have the same activity center and my son loves it! He is 9 months old now but has been using it since about 4 1/2 months old. Keeps him occupied! I like that you can put a favorite toy or two on the loop and can make it longer by using a couple toy links. This way he can grab it or let it hang down.

  4. Yes, the feature that allows you to link on a toy/toys of your own is really nice! We rotate toys out to keep her guessing and entertained!

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