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Monday, February 13, 2012

Inchbug's Orbit Labels

The Original Orbit Label is a great solution for labeling bottles, sippy cups, and snack containers.   They are a made of a stretchy rubber that makes it very easy to put them on and they stay on with a nice, snug fit.  They are non-adhesive and just as easy to remove as they are to put on.  Orbit Labels are dishwasher and microwave safe, too!  No more "permanent" marker on your items, these will last as long as you'll need them to and look so cute!  I'd say they are a must have for preschool or daycare.  I always order them for my kids and the kids that I care for because they are such a cute and hygenic way to tell the kids' bottles and cups apart.  Orbit Labels are a great idea for baby showers and birthday gifts.

Features Include (from the Manufacturer):
  • Dishwasher Safe & Microwavable
  • Can be boiled/sterilized
  • Constructed with FDA compliant non-toxic material
  • Fit snugs around containers - young children can't remove
  • Help small hands with a non-slick grip
  • Easy to transfer to different cups,bottles,etc
  • Braille matches name on pre-printed labels.
  • Will never peel, fade or wash away!

I would definitely recommend Inchbug's Orbit Labels to anyone looking for a labeling solution for their child or who is looking for a fun gift idea for someone.  I've been using them for years and I love them!


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