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Sunday, February 5, 2012

BooginHead PaciGrips

I love BooginHead PaciGrips!  They attach easily to every type of pacifier I've tried them on and are used to attach your baby's pacifier to her bib/clothing to prevent it from falling to the (dirty!) ground or getting lost.  They make pacifiers a lot easier to locate around the house, too!

PaciGrips come in a variety of colors and patterns including Pink & Green Stripe, Blue Pinstripe, and Pink Bubble (shown here).  They attach to bibs and clothing firmly with a metal clip but do not damage the fabric.  Awesome!  They are also machine washable (I just throw them in a pillowcase) and are very durable.  They can be found for between $5-10 online, including on Amazon and BooginHead's website. 

Booginhead also sells a variety of other products including:  SippiGrips (sold in patters that match the PaciGrips), Pacifiers, SplatMats, PaciBeds, and PaciPouches.  BooginHead has won a variety of awards for their products and I see why!


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