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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Graco's Quattro Tour Duo Double Stroller

When I found out that I was pregnant with my second baby I immediately started shopping for double strollers.  I love strollers.  I love researching strollers and I love buying strollers.  As a mom of two and a daycare provider I have now owned 8 different strollers.  And you know what?  I have loved buying and using all of them.  I guess I have a thing for strollers... 

The Graco Quattro Tour Duo double stroller was an obvious choice for me after doing a bit of research because:  It was a brand that I knew and trusted, it had good reviews (yes, I do my research and read LOTS of reviews before committing to a product) and it possessed many of the features that were important to me as a soon to be mom of two.  You can find this stroller online and at major baby product retailers for between $210 and $260.

I love the Graco Quaattro Tour Duo for a lot of reasons, one of them being the fact that it is so incredibly easy to collapse and expand.  It literally can be done with one hand.  Another key feature is the fact that you can put your infant car seat (Graco brand, obviously) in either the front or the back seat.  This is nice because my 3 year old usually likes to sit in the front but he occasionally likes the back seat (which is the seat that reclines fully) and I can let him have his choice.  This came in handy at the State Fair this past August when he wanted to take a nap.  The handles of the Quattro Tour are nice as they are vertical and very comfy to grip (ergonomical!), and are also nice to slip your diaper bag straps onto.  The canopies are pretty standard, they cover your child about the same amount as the canopies of other brands; one nice thing is that they sit fairly high so your toddler/preschooler fits comfortably.  This stroller fits my 36 pound preschooler with room to spare in either seat.  The front is made to hold up to 50 pounds and the back seat up to 40.  This is on the heavier side for double stroller weight capacity.  Another feature that I was happy with with this stroller is that for it's weight, it steers fairly well.  The storage basket underneath is very roomy and definitely fits a LOT of stuff.  When I go out I like to pack the kitchen sink and this stroller lets me.

One Thing I'd Like to Change...
The only thing that I would change about this stroller is that it's heavy.  Really, really heavy.  On one hand, I feel that it's sturdy.  On the other hand, I feel out of breath when lifting it into my Suburban.  It does steer and push pretty well for it's weight - but it weighs 39 pounds.  That's a lot for a mama to lift. 

In Conclusion...
I would definitely recommend this stroller.  It's served me well thus far and I anticipate being able to use it for at least several more months with my 3 year old.  I know that this is a quality product and I expect it to hold up with my future child(ren).  Yay Graco, thanks for a great product!


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