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Monday, April 23, 2012

Puddle Jumper Deluxe Life Jacket

I recently purchased the Puddle Jumper Deluxe Life Jacket and I was really pleasantly surprised at how great it worked and how much my 3 year old son liked wearing it.  We were at Wisconsin Dells this past weekend and I had wanted to find something to keep him afloat while in deeper water with his dad or me; he dislikes the bulkiness of a typical life jacket and I really only was looking for something to keep him up in the pool (with one of us right there with him) so I checked into the "water wing" options and had him try on quite a few styles before deciding to purchase the Puddle Jumpers.  I didn't know how well they would work until we hit the pool and they were great!  He floated and his head was above water at all times, he didn't tip forward or backward in the water, and could easily paddle his arms and kick his legs - his mobility was not comprimised at all.  Without this on he would have sunk like a rock but he was able to float, play, and attempt to move himself through the water with the Puddle Jumper Life Jacket on and it was so fun for him!

Description from the Manufacturer:
  • Coast Guard Approved
  • Patented Design
  • Superior Stability & Confidence
  • Woven polyester - Softer Fabric, Less Chafing
  • Type III Performance
  • Weight: 30 - 50 lbs

In conclusion, I would highly recommend the Puddle Jumper Life Jacket to anyone looking for something to keep their child afloat and help get them accustomed to being in deeper water/learn to swim.


  1. Offering a full range of motion and great stability, a Stearns® puddle jumper life vest gives your child the confidence to enjoy the water. The puddle jumper life vest from Stearns® is Coast Guard approved and comes in several fun colors and designs.

  2. I agree, I have used puddle jumper life jackets with my kids and they have done a great job. Great product.