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Monday, April 16, 2012

Fisher-Price Precious Planet Projection Mobile

I have been using the Fisher-Price Precious Planet Projection Mobile for over 9 months now for my daughter and we both love it.  It has a variety of sounds and songs for her to fall asleep to as well as adorable animals for her to watch above, including images that are projected on the canopy/ceiling.  Fisher-Price is a dependable brand and this is a very well made product.  I especially love the remote control; if baby is not sleeping by the time the mobile turns itself off (about 20 minutes after you turn it on) you can reset it with the remote without letting baby see you, so as to not disturb her (or let her think it's time to get up!)

Description (from the manufacturer)
"Designed for use from birth up to five months, the Fisher-Price Precious Planet Two-in-One Projection Mobile is unique among mobiles, because it combines music, plush animal figurines, and movement with a soft projection of light. Both entertaining and soothing, the Projection Mobile is perfect for play time and rest time. Customize your baby's experience and match his or her mood by choosing from classical lullabies from Bach, Beethoven, and Mozart, nature and ocean sounds, or heartbeat and white noise womb sounds. The delicate canopy over baby keeps the images close, making it easy for young babies to focus. As the baby grows, the mobile can be removed, and the projection can be shown directly on the ceiling with music or sounds playing along. It includes a remote control and requires two "AAA" for the remote and four "D" batteries for the music/mobile."

In Conclusion
I would definitely recommend this Fisher-Price Mobile to anyone looking for a mobile that will entertain/soothe baby and also has the ability to grow with her.  Since my daughter is pulling herself to standing in the crib now, we have removed the canopy with the animals but are still able to use the musical/projection aspects of the mobile.

If you're interested in checking this mobile out online, here is the link: 
Fisher-Price Precious Planet Projection Mobile


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