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Saturday, December 31, 2011

Wearing Baby: The Moby Wrap

I wore my first baby occasionally but since I had my second child in June I fell in love with baby wearing and decided that a great carrier/wearing apparatus is a must have.

Overview of the Moby
For newborns to approximately 4 months or so I think the Moby is the best option. It is, essentially, a long piece of stretchy cotton that you wrap strategically around yourself creating snuggly pockets for your infant. There are multiple options for different holds for your baby; my favorite was the "newborn hug hold" and then as she got bigger the "hug hold."
It is practically like putting your baby back in the womb.  They are cuddled perfectly to your body (it is easy to adjust how tightly to wrap) and in my experience, babies settle right down and in many cases, doze off within minutes. This wrap enabled me to eat my meals hot, do laundry and other household chores, and play with my 3 year old all while comforting/bonding with/nurturing my baby. It is also very affordable, you can pick one up on Amazon for around $35 or $40. There are a variety of pretty colors/cute prints to choose from

Using the Wrap
Is it difficult to get the hang of putting the Moby on? No. It took me about 3 tries to feel comfortable doing it and maybe a couple more to feel like a pro. My husband wondered how our baby could possibly be safe in an apparatus that didn't involve straps or buckles but, rest assured, if you have them wrapped correctly they are secure as can be. You can tell if it's not tight enough and then you just need to take your baby out and start over. The manufacturer also sends you a comprehensive instruction booklet that has illustrations showing you how to wrap yourself and your baby in all of the different positions.

The only drawbacks - it takes a minute to put on and if you are somewhere other than your house you'll want to make sure you're not dragging the ends through anything "yucky" while wrapping yourself.

In Conclusion
The Moby Wrap is an awesome product at a great price. I highly recommend it, especially for parents with babies up to 4 months.

Next Up - I'll be reviewing an Ergo baby carrier and also a BabyBjorn model.


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